• A reader's view on the Trade Bill.

Parliament has just voted to tie its own hands on future trade deals.

In a vote on the Trade Bill, MPs voted to drop an amendment that would have guaranteed them a vote on trade deals.

It is disgraceful that our MP, Simon Fell, was one of those who voted to drop this democratic procedure.

The dangers of high-risk trade deals, such as one with the US or the Trans-Pacific Partnership are real. They could undermine food standards, raise medicine prices for the NHS, affect the way public services are run, and impact workers’ rights. And at a time when we are facing a climate emergency, they could also block climate action.

Usually in domestic law, parliament would get a vote on issues like this. But trade deals, as international treaties, can effectively override this, which is why it was so important that parliament also got a vote on the trade deals themselves.

This vote was a dereliction of duty by most Conservative and DUP MPs and a power-grab by the government.