THE MAIL readers are reacting to the announcement of plans to build a new offshore wind farm off the coast of Barrow.

Six proposed new offshore wind projects in the waters around England and Wales have been announced by the Crown Estate as part of its Round 4 leasing round for offshore wind.

The six projects together represent just under 8 GW of potential new offshore wind capacity, which could deliver electricity for more than seven million homes.

Gill Park said: "How will it benefit Barrow, will we get cheaper electricity?"

Ian Mcskimmings said: "Can the company putting these things up give abit back for our community. Maybe build us a sports arena for our rugby and football teams? Not a lot to ask with the money they are making. Cheeky, but if you don't ask you don't get."

Gill Jepson said: "More importantly - will it benefit the earth? Also are the blades recyclable cos many of them haven’t been and after use are put in landfill! I'm all for it if they sort that out."

Christine Johnson said: "Where? There's no room left out there!"

Carol Stitt said: "Does it help us get cheaper electricity ? Can’t say I’ve noticed - prices just go up and up!"

LA590 said: "If they are using Barrow port then one of the caveats should be that they most invest in the local town. Also have a proper apprenticeship scheme for local people."

Nondumvetus said: "Is nobody concerned about the industrialisation of our coastline? What price a sunset?..."

Sioux Denham said: "It's like looking to the horizon through prison bars."

Son of Dragonsbreath said: "Like pylons, some of us actually like the wind turbines. Lovely things."

Duck and Dive said: "Well all the do gooders want this. We need more Sellafields!"

Scott Robinson said: "Excellent news."