A MAN has been jailed for his role in taking a car without its owner’s consent.

Daniel Nigel Miller denied being involved in the taking of the vehicle but was found guilty following a hearing at South Cumbria Magistrates’ Court.

The court heard that Miller, 32, allowed himself to be a passenger in the vehicle after it had been unlawfully taken in Barrow.

Damaged was said to have been caused to the vehicle before it was recovered.

Magistrates heard the offence happened on August 18 2019.

Miller was convicted following a hearing on January 18 and was sentenced at the court three days later.

The court jailed Miller for a total of 14 days for the offence.

The defendant was also ordered to a £700 bill in compensation to the owner of the car following the damage.

Miller, of Lytham Road in Blackpool, was represented in court by solicitor Michael Graham.

He was jailed for six weeks in September after he admitted assaulting a woman, with the court citing his ‘unenviable’ record..

He admitted slapping his girlfriend and ‘deliberately disregarded’ a restraining order previously imposed.