A dog-walker has issued a warning after her two Great Danes had to have emergency treatment from a vet after consuming poisonous palm oil.

Tina Read, from Millom, said what her pets were eating smelled like diesel, and that it was a surprise to her as Maisie and Blue are not the type to eat anything they find.

She said she had heard reports of the substance being on beaches on Silecroft, Haverigg, and Walney.

Because of this, she felt it was important to warn other dog owners of the dangers, with palm oil being attractive but poisonous for canines.

"They could smell it from around 200 yards away, she was rolling in it and then I realised she was eating it," the 53-year-old said.

"They were running away from me with it in their mouths.

The Mail: WOOF: Great Danes Maisie (left) and BlueWOOF: Great Danes Maisie (left) and Blue

"I had seen things online online about this a few weeks ago so I went straight to the vets in Millom, but they were shut so then I went to Broughton.

"They had to induce vomiting, which is especially costly with Great Danes; it cost £300.

"It can be fatal and it can cause other organ issues as well as diarrhoea."

The Mail: ILL: Blue taking it easy ILL: Blue taking it easy

The substance was on Silecroft beach when Ms Read came across it, but she has heard from various online groups that this has been an issue on Haverigg beach and on Walney.

The Mail: ISSUE: Palm oil found on a beach near MillomISSUE: Palm oil found on a beach near Millom

"Apparently it comes from ships as they use it to clean the engines out with, and then they dump it into the ocean, but they are not allowed to do it within a certain distance of the shoreline so I am not sure how it has got here," she said.

"I had never seen it on the beaches before now, and it was in big clumps.

"It is important to highlight this as not a lot of people will know about it.

"This is just not something my dogs would normally do, not in their nature as they are not that fussed about their food really."

She went on to describe the substance as being crumbly, like chalk.

According to reports online, the substance is rarely fatal for dogs when consumed, but the oil absorbed can cause the serious illness pancreatitis.

The Mail: WOOF: Great Danes Maisie (left) and BlueWOOF: Great Danes Maisie (left) and Blue