A WOMAN is trying to track down the owner of a missing wedding ring after she found one - frozen to a pack of supermarket pies.

Rachel Dee, 42, bought the multipack of parsnip and portobello mushroom pies at Lidl to have over the Christmas break, and stuffed them in the freezer.

But she didn't notice the box had a platinum wedding ring stuck in the ice on the outside until she pulled the box out a few weeks later.

The wedding ring has no hallmarks and, after said no one had reported it missing, Rachel is determined to reunite the band with its rightful owner.

Marketing consultant Rachel, from Edinburgh, said: "It was really strange.

"I was on my hands and knees, clearing out all the Christmas food from my freezer, when the ring suddenly fell out of my freezer and landed on my lap.

"I bought the pies a week before Christmas and I've only just found this ring hitching a ride.

"I really want to return it. A wedding ring has a lot of sentimental value. I want to spread good karma in the world and this is my way of doing it."

Rachel bought the pies while doing her weekly shop at the Lidl in Easter Road, a few days before Christmas

She only noticed the ring when it slid off the outside of the packet, and on to her lap whilst she clearing out the freezer a few days after Christmas.

Rachel said: "The ring pretty much floated into my lap and I was extremely confused at first. I thought it was a part from the freezer that had broken off.

"It had frost all over it and it took me a moment to realise It was a piece of jewellery attached to the bottom of my vegan pie packet."

Rachel posted the find on Facebook local area groups in a bid to find the owner.

She was contacted by one lost ring hunter - but the piece of jewellery wasn't theirs.

Rachel is so determined to find the owner because she once lost her wedding ring - given to her by her ex-husband - a few years ago in Tesco.

"I was so lucky though - the ring was returned to me just one day later by a kind stranger," she said.

"I think it’s really important to pay this sort of kindness forward so I want to make sure I am able to give this freezer-ring back.”