A woman from Askam has shared her experience of being "stalked by a swan" after it followed her down the street – and even settled itself outside her front door.

Sophie Byers said that she was working from home when she saw a swan walk past her window; little did she know it was the start of an eventful day for her.

"I think I am being stalked by a swan," she said reflecting on the experience.

"I was working from home when I saw a swan walking down the street.

"I thought I was hallucinating or looking at a screen for too long, but next thing it was sat outside my front door.

"We don't live far from a pond where we live and we managed to coax it back to the Fishy pond after an hour of trying.

"Later, after I had been out, I was coming up the street and it was following me again.

"It did feel like I was being stalked by a swan.

"We have a saying that is 'only in Askam' and this is definitely one of those times."

The Mail: URBAN: The swan was out of place wandering the streets of AskamURBAN: The swan was out of place wandering the streets of Askam

After realising that the swan could be unwell, she called the RSPCA, who then got in contact with Caroline Sim, known as the 'swan lady' in Ulverston, who came and collected the bird.

She took him in overnight due to the terrible weather to keep him warm and fed him.

"I can confirm that this swan did not have any symptoms of avian flu, which was good, and he has now gone to a new pond of an undisclosed location for his protection," she said.

"He has even found a new mate at the new location in Furness and they hit it off straight away.

"He was ever so light for his size though.

"It ate all night so had a great appetite.

"Swans eat like kings and queens where they are now which means they won't go hungry again."