A PLEA has been made to move a school sign in an effort to protect children - months after a dangerous collision was narrowly avoided.

Councillor Ben Shirley called for the sign to be moved to better signpost the existence of Ireleth St Peters C Of E Primary School in a bid to improve road safety.

It comes after a near miss outside the school in December that families said could have changed their lives 'dramatically'.

Three pedestrians were nearly hit by a car after a driver was said to have run a red light on Moor Road.

Speaking at a meeting of the Cumbria County Council local committee for Barrow, Mr Shirley asked the chairman of the Barrow Area Highways Advisory Sub Group if he would explore the possibility of moving the school sign on Ireleth Road to a more prominent position so that motorists would be aware sooner of the school crossing ahead.

Cllr Shirley said: "Can the highways network manager explore the possibility of relocating the sign heading out of Ireleth on the A595 to a more prominent position to warn motorists of the pedestrian crossing and the fact there is a school there in an attempt to mitigate against speeding motorists outside of Ireleth St Peter's School?"

Keiron Tetchner, a county council highways network manager for Barrow, said he would discuss the idea with traffic officials in the county and provide a written response on any action that could be taken.

Mr Shirley first made calls for signage after the incident in December.

He said: "Speeding anywhere is unacceptable. Outside of a primary school is reprehensible.

"This is totally unacceptable and I have been in contact with the police and crime commissioner for Cumbria as well as Cumbria Constabulary, calling for a presence in the area, during commuter times. I have also alerted the County Council highways and traffic department and I’ll be requesting increased signage and signals to alert motorists to the need to reduce their speed.

"Speeding will not be tolerated."