THE public are being invited to put forward their opinion on a replacement piece of equipment for a play park.

Grange Town Council are inviting ideas to replace the outdated and expensive I-Play situated on the promenade.

A spokesman said: "The I-Play was put in around 2009, volunteers raised the funds to put it in at a cost of £25,198.

"Over the years many people of all ages have enjoyed using it. It does however need repairing, quite regularly.

The latest repair bill was going to be over £8000.

"The I-play was an unusual piece of equipment, and unfortunately over time technology has moved on and it’s getting harder and more expensive to repair.

"At the last Town Council meeting it was decided to replace it with something that would not need money every year to keep it working.

"This is a discussion we have had for the last three years and it wasn’t an easy decision to make.

"We want to hear from people with children, all ages, let us know what you think would be a fun addition to this area."