A KIND hearted six-year-old raised hundreds of pounds to provide over 31 struggling families with a Christmas food hamper.

Annabelle Pound from Ulverston came up with the idea after watching a CBBC Newsround bulletin about children whose family would be struggling over Christmas due to Covid-19.

Inspired, Annabelle, with the help of her parents, decided to speak to local schools to ask them for assistance in distributing Christmas food hampers get to families who needed them.

The service was done anonymously and Annabelle hoped the initiative would bring a smile to children’s faces.

Amazingly, Annabelle managed to raise £400, which allowed her to feed 31 families with food hampers in the area.

The parcels were made up at the family's business, the Rusland Pool Hotel, and the hotel's team delivered them to participating schools.

Hampers included a whole large chicken, potatoes, carrots, parsnips, Brussel sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, sliced ham, bread, cheese, crackers, stuffing, oranges, apples, Christmas chocolate log, Swiss roll and mince pies.

Annabelle even made a video to explain why she wanted to help families.

In the video Annabelle said: "I found out that this year some families are struggling to get Christmas dinner so me, my mummy and daddy decided to ring all the schools and ask them if there were any families that need feeding.

"And we managed to feed 31 families."

Footage shows the youngster filling boxes with delicious treats for families back in December and also shows pictures of the schools distributing the boxes."

Annabelle thanked everyone who helped her with the hampers, including the schools who ensured the packages reached the right people.

The schools that participated were Leven Valley School, Penny Bridge School, Sir John Barrow School, Croftlands School, St George School, St Pius X Catholic School.