AS the third national lockdown continues and life across the country remains on pause, people are desperate to know when it will come to an end.

After the implementation of regional tiers, the UK went into its third lockdown at the start of January.

However, it has also seen the release of three approved vaccines for the illness.

Steve Bradshaw said: “He said February half term. Lockdowns don’t work, neither do tiers. They only work to crush the economy and livelihoods further into the ground.”

Mikel Waldemar said: “Let’s just face the facts. We’re never going to escape lockdown any time soon. Never, ever. Not going to happen. Get comfy.”

Steve McAlister said: “It is still unbelievable that an entire year of our lives has just been wiped away.”

Alex Patterson said: “It may seem boring and lifeless now but imagine how historians will record last year. Started with a close call with WW3, people were saying climate change would destroy us in ten years, the biggest quarantine in human history and race riots tearing apart America. They’ll think we had a blast when in fact we were sat at home the whole time.”

Norman Wings said: “Flu can lead to ongoing problems as well. Post-viral fatigue is well known by doctors. A recent study shows that enforced restrictions give virtually no benefit compared to voluntary social distancing. Another study suggested that lockdown actually increases the total number of Covid deaths, this is in addition to the extra deaths through suicides and reduced access to health services.”