A BARROW slimmer is feeling happier and healthier after losing more than five stone.

A year on, Tracey Needham, 52, a higher level teaching assistant in Barrow, has shed an incredible 5st7lb, dropping from a size 22 to 14.

She said: “I joined Slimming World before the first lockdown.

“I’ve been a yo-yo dieter all of my life and tried all different diets, but I’d never tried Slimming World before. Really it was the last chance saloon, and now I’m 52 I thought that I need to start doing something otherwise my weight will affect my health.

“Friends around me started to be diagnosed with high blood pressure and diabetes and I didn’t want my weight to be the thing that made me start medication for something.

“I went to Slimming World and I never looked back, it just slotted into place.

“It takes you right back to basics and you get the best out of your food – they call it food optimising. I have three meals a day and I find that I don’t have to snack now because I’m not hungry.

“Even with lockdown you still have the support of Dawn, and the support of the group.

“We went to Zoom for meetings which are invaluable with the other members there; getting their support, encouragement and their ideas.

“They’re all going through the same thing as you so they are a lifeline.”

As well as tackling the kitchen, Tracey has taken a great liking to weighted hula-hooping.

She said: “I’ve always loved hula-hooping and I used to do it when I was younger.

“At first I could only do about four rotations of the hula hoop and the bruising I got was unbelievable – but after building it up I can now easily do half an hour without it falling.”

Barrow and Millom Slimming World consultant Dawn Attwood is incredibly proud of Tracey’s weight loss in such difficult times.

She said: “She is such a fabulous lady, achieving what she has, mostly during three lockdowns and a worldwide pandemic.

“Now, more than ever, it is important for everyone to look after their health.

“Slimming World is a healthy eating plan making lifestyle changes, not a diet; it’s family friendly and totally achievable for everyone. Being virtual, you can now come to group from the comfort of your own home.”

For more information, call Dawn on 07720 612734.