A councillor who complained about vandalism at a community centre on Walney has discovered the same graffiti has appeared on other properties in the area.

The letters 'NGAB' have been sprayed in multiple areas across North Scale on Walney and Councillor Des Barlow has said he wants to take action to stop the situation escalating.

Cllr Barlow had exposed vandalism at North Scale Community Centre in The Mail and, since telling his story, has been contacted by other residents reporting the same message.

Now he believes action must be taken to stamp out any trouble amid fears that it could escalate to worse vandalism.

"Since the article went out, I have received messages from people on North Scale saying they were concerned as someone had come and put the same four letters 'NGAB' on their properties," he said.

"I am not sure what the letters mean but I didn't know whether it would entice people to come back to do something untoward.

"People who do this do not think about the time and money spent on these things being cleaned up.

"The police have told me that the PCSOs will be informed and they will know all about it.

"There should be something done because if things like this are allowed to escalate it gets worse and worse."

The Mail: ANNOYED: Cllr Des Barlow outside the community centreANNOYED: Cllr Des Barlow outside the community centre

He went on to say that he will look into getting CCTV for the area around the community centre where the first spate of graffiti was spotted.

Because the land on the community centre is owned by the people in the community rather than the council, he is hopeful they would find it easier to get this than other places after seeing Dalton Leisure Centre get their permission for CCTV snubbed by the council.

"The only way to catch these people is by getting them on camera; that way you can take certain suspected people out of the equation," Cllr Barlow said.

"If it is not people from the area doing it, it is quite a way off and they are putting themselves out on a limb. It could be people from this area, and it may not be; I am not sure at the moment."

The Mail: VANDALISM: Graffiti at North Scale Community CentreVANDALISM: Graffiti at North Scale Community Centre

The original graffiti took place at thecommunity centre over the festive period between December 24and January 7 and was reported to the police at the time, who are now aware of the situation in North Scale.