THE Mail readers have had mixed opinions towards Matt Hancock's praise for Morrisons after its decision to change rules for UK shoppers amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The supermarket chain confirmed on Monday that customers who refuse to wear a mask without a medical exemption will be asked to leave stores.

The health secretary said: “I applaud the action Morrisons has taken today, the supermarket, they have said that they will not let people in without a mask unless they clearly have a medical reason."

Greg Rose said: "Why didn't the government make it law in the first place." Julie Clarke said: "Get ready for a few lawsuits for discriminating against a disability."

Antöny Statham said: "A face shield or a mask should be mandatory. I'm with some of the people who say if you can't wear one you probably shouldn't be out. So many people are doing as they are told. I hope they do get real tough on those who aren't."

Graham White said: "If they cannot wear a mask because of a medical condition they need to stay at home."

Jeffery Chelton said: "Be very careful people who definitely can't wear a mask should not be discriminating against it one day you might not be able to wear one yourselves there is all good reasons for people not wearing a mask and why should they not go out I am not against people not wearing mask but genuine people should not be picked on."

Shelly Kendall said: "And what proof will they be needing for medical exemption? Just the sunflower lanyard that people are now abusing because you can buy them everywhere with no proof? The actual people who use these lanyards because they have a hidden disability are now finding them less effective because people assume it's covidiots abusing the system!"