Cumbria Constabulary has issued a fresh warning over domestic abuse due to concerns during the third national lockdown.

Detective Chief Inspector James Yallop stressed that the issue is still being taken as seriously now as it was during the first two lockdowns and said the constabulary was looking to ensure support was in place for victims.

He said: “Domestic abuse is a major priority for Cumbria Constabulary.

“We are working alongside partner agencies and local support services to ensure help and advice is available for victims and their families.

“During the current coronavirus restrictions, people may feel trapped in their homes; however, guidelines do not apply if you need to leave your home to escape domestic abuse.

“I would also like to remind the public to look out for one another, whether that be a friend, a neighbour or a colleague at work.

"If you know that someone may be suffering from abuse, please report this to us.

"Please think about the effect this may be having on the victim and any children in the household.

“We must all work together to end domestic abuse.

"The constabulary is continuing to engage with the public via Facebook and web chat surgeries, in partnership with support services."

DCI Yallop also reminded victims that they can call and ask for advice.

He said: "If you need to speak to us about reporting domestic abuse, or have any questions about how we can help, please call 101.

"You can also access support services regardless, if you have reported a crime to the police."

To access support services independently, call Victim Support 24/7 on 0808 1689 111 or visit the Cumbria Together website