A concerned resident has called for action over a water leak she believes is a danger to the community.

Pat Appleton, who lives in Ulverston, noticed the leak next to the Wheatsheaf Inn i when dropping off Christmas presents to her daughter on Anson Street, Barrow where the road connects to the A590.

She said: "I just wonder why anything isn't done about it really. This has been the longest a leak has gone on for in my memory as it does happen.

"Because of the winter cold, it would be a health and safety issue. It has been running all through the Christmas period, so there is a risk of ice.

"It could be dangerous if it ices over."

Mrs Appleton said the leak had been causing problems for weeks.

"There has been a leak in Anson Street for the last four weeks at least; people are on water meters which may be impacted by this," she added.

"It is on the pavement and not belonging to any property and in an area where people walk and it has blocked a paving area when it has been icy.

"It has just been running away; not just a little trickle either.

The Mail: ISSUE: Water leak on Anson Street in Barrow ISSUE: Water leak on Anson Street in Barrow

"United Utilities have been out to it but at first it was said it was not serious enough, then they said it was too serious for the next team that came out to it.

"We are trying to conserve water, and if this is happening with this leak, I wonder how many more are like that across the country wasting water."

The Mail: ISSUE: Pat Appleton (left) with Anne McTavishISSUE: Pat Appleton (left) with Anne McTavish

Mrs Appleton's daughter Nicola echoed her mum's thoughts and said the pavement was not suitable for walking on due to the current freezing temperatures.

In response, United Utilities apologised for any inconvenience caused to the residents in the area and stated that the leak was due to be repaired this week.

The Mail: ISSUE: Water leak on Anson Street in Barrow ISSUE: Water leak on Anson Street in Barrow

“Our engineers have been out to inspect a leaking water main on Anson Street in Barrow-in-Furness," a spokeswoman said.

"The leak, which is located outside the Wheatsheaf Inn and is not affecting customer supplies, has been scheduled for repair this week.

"We apologise for any inconvenience caused.”