POWER cuts across south Cumbria could affect 215 electricity customers in the next two days.

The planned power outages will take effect across the county up until the middle of the month.

Homes will be without power for a time however engineers from Electricity North West say they will work to get the power back on as soon as possible.

Clive Wilkinson, operations director at Electricity North West, says that maintenance work is planned to improve the reliability of the electricity supply.

He said: “A lot of the work we do happens in the background and customers aren’t always affected, we even have ‘live lines’ teams who can work on live electricity equipment without turning power off, however, sometimes we do have to turn people’s power off so that our engineers can work on the network safely.”

Milnthorpe and Ulverston are set to be affected today and tomorrow.

Mr Wilkinson, wants to get the work signed off as soon as possible.

He said: “Planned power cuts allow us to carry out vital work such as maintaining the network, carrying out repairs and installing new connections, which ensures that homes and businesses continue receive the best supply possible in the long term.

“With every planned power cut, we’ll always give at least ten days’ notice."

"We won’t turn power off before 9am and electricity will be back on before 5pm.”

Milnthorpe, will be affected today, with 31 addresses in the village experiencing outages.

The postcodes affected are LA7 7LJ, LA7 7JE, LA7 7JD, LA7 7HQ.

Ulverston, is up next tomorrow.

Some homes will have power cuts scheduled. Electricity North West says they are mainly in the Yans Lane, Storth area and will affect 31 addresses with postcodes LA12 9RX, LA12 9QD, LA12 9EQ, LA12 9EH.

More cuts are planned for the village of Milnthorpe on Wednesday, when a further six addresses will see outages. Both postcodes of LA6 1PF, LA6 1PE will be affected.

Mr Wilkindon says you can get in touch to ask more about these power cuts.

He said: "Our teams are on hand 24/7 365 days a year and should anybody ever need any more information during a power cut, whether planned or not, they can follow Electricity North West on Twitter or Facebook for updates, or call us free on 105.”