DATA released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has revealed which areas of Barrow have seen the most deaths attributed to Covid-19 between the start of the pandemic and November 2020.

Hawcoat and Furness Abbey has seen the highest number of deaths, with 19 deaths sadly recorded.

This was followed closely by Roose, who saw 17 deaths and Barrow Central who saw 16 deaths within the same time frame.

According to the data, the majority of the deaths at Hawcoat and Furness Abbey happened early on in the pandemic, with nine of them recorded in April 2020.

Over on Walney North 12 people tragically lost their lives, with a further 11 deaths recorded in the Walney Island South and Barrow Island area.

Also in the Barrow area, Ormsgill and Hindpool had 10 deaths, Abbotsmead and Salthouse had nine deaths, and Parkside had seven deaths.

Colin Cox, Cumbria's director of public health spoke about the data, he said: "The deaths in the data will be where they are from, there will be some situations where the data will be misleading where you have a big care home breakout for example.

“The data relates to where people are from and not where the death took place.

“More deprived places are more badly hit by Covid, that was recognised fairly early in the epidemic, and in effect they are more badly hit by Covid but they are more badly hit by everything.

“Some of that is down to pre-existing conditions which makes Covid more dangerous.

“Also, you are also likely to have people who do not have the luxury of working from home.

“They are more likely to have jobs where you have to go out and you have to meet people so all of those things come together to make things more difficult for those in more deprived communities.”