A further seven deaths have been recorded in patients with coronavirus in the latest 24-hour period.

Public Health England released their latest figures at 4pm yesterday (January 9), which include deaths recorded within 28 days of the patient's first Covid-19 test result.

The latest daily deaths were as follows:

Allerdale - 6

Barrow - 2

Carlisle - 6

Copeland - 3

Eden - 3

South Lakeland - 0

Data for the number of deaths with Covid-19 on the death certificate for the week commencing December 25 - the latest figures - show there were the following number in each area:

Allerdale - 2

Barrow - 2

Carlisle - 3

Copeland - 4

Eden - 1

South Lakeland - 11

Figures for the number of new coronavirus cases on January 9 were as follows:

Allerdale - 68

Barrow - 34

Carlisle - 128

Copeland - 27

Eden - 43

South Lakeland - 31

Meanwhile, Health Secretary Matt Hancock has told The Andrew Marr Show every adult will be offered a coronavirus vaccine by the autumn.

The UK has "no clear strategy" to alleviate pressure on hospitals battling coronavirus beyond "reactive lockdowns", a public health expert has said.

The country has seen some form of restrictions placed on the population for almost a year, said Professor Devi Sridhar, adding that it is "unrealistic" to expect people to adhere to rules for months on end.

The chairwoman of public health at Edinburgh University told Times Radio: "I think the larger issue here is the UK has no clear strategy beyond reactive lockdowns whenever hospitals are under pressure.

"People have been in lockdown for almost a year and I think it is unrealistic for people to continue to distance and avoid mixing for months and months when it's part of what makes us human."

She added: "I see this slightly differently. We need a plan to stop these lockdowns, and to learn from other countries - those in east Asia and the Pacific - which are largely back to normal."

Lockdown for 12 weeks

Lockdown in the UK should continue for the next 12 weeks, a public health expert has said.

Professor Devi Sridhar, chair of public health at Edinburgh University, told Times Radio that, although lockdowns are "crude" and "catastrophic" for the economy and mental health, one is needed given the prevalence of Covid-19 across the UK currently.

But, Prof Sridhar said, a post-lockdown strategy must be put in place to suppress the virus going into the summer.

She said: "With the numbers we're at, there's no other choice.

"For me, it's a three-phase strategy - first is right now, it's crude, it's catastrophic for the economy and for people's mental health, but a lockdown.

"Get those numbers down, protect the NHS for the next 12 weeks."

On course for 13 million

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the Government was on course to reach its target of 13 million people vaccinated by mid-February.

He told Sky News' Sophy Ridge: "Yes we're on course. The rate limiting factor at the moment is supply but that's increasing.

"I'm very glad to say that at the moment we're running at over 200,000 people being vaccinated every day.

"We've now vaccinated around one third of the over-80s in this country so we're making significant progress but there's still further expansion to go.

"This week we're opening mass vaccination centres. Big sites for instance at Epsom racecourse, there's seven going live this week with more to come next week where we will get through very large numbers of people."