A SCHOOL will be shut completely today after a power cut left hundreds of residents without electricity.

Electricity North West engineers are working to resolve a power cut in Allithwaite, near Grange, which is said to have left 217 people with no electricity.

"The power cut in your area has been caused by an unexpected incident on our high voltage cable which provides electricity to your property," Electricity North West said.

Power is expected to be restored at around 11.30am.

Allithwaite CE Primary School leaders have told parents the building will be closed today.

"We are very sorry but Allithwaite school will be closed today due to having no power until 11.30am predicted," a post on social media said. 

"Working temperatures are far below acceptable levels. This is a situation beyond our control." 

These are the postcodes that are said to have been affected: 

LA11 7QA, LA11 7DD, LA11 7DB, LA11 7AP, LA11 7BH, LA11 7BJ, LA11 7BL, LA11 7BP, LA11 7BS, LA11 7BT, LA11 7BU, LA11 7BX, LA11 7BY, LA11 7BZ, LA11 7AU, LA11 7LL, LA11 7LS, LA11 7LT, LA11 7NG, LA11 7LR, LA11 7NJ, LA11 7LU, LA11 7JP, LA11 7NH, LA11 7QU, LA11 7QY, LA11 7QS, LA11 7QX, LA11 7QZ, LA11 7LZ, LA11 6RW, LA11 7RN, LA11 7RW, LA11 7LY, LA11 7LX, LA11 7QD, LA11 7BD, LA8 8EP, LA11 7QH, LA11 7QJ, LA11 7RF, LA11 7JZ, LA11 7NY, LA11 7PT, LA11 7NB, LA11 7ND, LA11 7JY, LA11 7JR, LA11 7QT, LA11 7PW, LA11 7QR, LA11 7QN, LA11 7QP, LA11 7QW, LA11 7AG, LA11 7EB, LA11 7QE, LA11 7QF, LA11 7PY, LA11 7QG, LA11 7QQ, LA11 7RG, LA11 7RS, LA11 7LE, LA11 7LF, LA11 7LG, LA11 7LH, LA11 7LJ, LA11 7LQ, LA11 7NA, LA11 7PJ, LA11 7QL, LA11 7RB, LA11 7RD, LA11 7RE, LA11 7RR, LA11 7RU, LA11 7RA, LA11 7LB, LA11 7LA, LA11 7LN, LA11 7LW, LA11 7NE, LA11 7JX, LA11 7NF, LA11 7LP, LA11 7JU, LA11 7HY, LA11 7JS, LA11 7JT, LA11 7NN, LA11 7PZ, LA11 7QB, LA11 7RL, LA11 7RX, LA11 7RH, LA11 7RJ, LA11 7RP, LA11 7RQ, LA11 7RY