RESIDENTS of Copeland may see delays to waste collection services due to adverse conditions.

A warning of the potential delays has come from the council after crews were involved in two collisions this week.

Copeland Borough Council said: "Because of Covid-19, the lockdown and some difficult weather conditions, our recycling and waste collection teams are becoming increasingly stretched.

"We want to let you know that, if road conditions are not safe, we may not be able to return to pick up missed collections. Our crews were involved in two collisions this week due to the winter conditions, and their safety is our priority.

"If we don’t get to your collection, and can’t return, we will take up to four additional bags of waste at your next collection.

"If we miss collections and the weather doesn’t prevent us returning, we will try to get back within 48 hours. But there may still be a chance that, because of capacity issues caused by the pandemic, we can’t return until the next collection. If this happens to you, we’d like to thank you for your understanding.

"The factors affecting our waste collections can change on a daily basis, so we advise keeping an eye on our social media feeds and website."