A FAMILY celebrated a 'magical' Christmas together after their premature baby girl was able to come home from hospital.

Rubie Olliver was born at just 24 weeks, spending more than a 100 days in various hospitals since her birth.

Mum Beth Olliver, a key worker from Barrow, caught Covid-19 whilst she was 16 weeks pregnant, which she believes led to her waters breaking prematurely at just 20 weeks pregnant.

Despite this, Mrs Olliver did not go into labour for another month.

The 26-year-old was then admitted to hospital at 24 weeks where Rubie Mae Olliver was born via c-section, at just 730 grams.

Since her birth, Rubie has undergone two operations, 11 blood transfusions, chronic lung disease, battled sepsis and more.

Most recently, Rubie underwent eye surgery at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London to help save her sight.

The little miracle defied doctors' predictions and was able to come home and meet her siblings, Noah and Amelia, for the first time in October.

The elated family spent their first Christmas together which they described as 'wonderful'.

Mrs Olliver said: "To have Rubie home for Christmas was just everything we could have wished for.

"Rubie had a wonderful Christmas and was spoilt rotten.

"And Noah and Amelia loved every second of Rubie being home - it was just magical.

"Rubie got plenty of scenery stuff to help with the development with her eyes and also her development in general.

"We are currently battling Rubie's first cold as you can imagine it's extremely worrying but she is doing okay.

"Unfortunately when you have other kids no matter how hard we try Rubie will still catch cold and coughs but thankfully Rubie gets an injection every month for five months of the year provided from the NHS to help her fight respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and it will hopefully keep her out of hospital threw the winter months.

"We count our blessings every day that we had all of our kids home for Christmas.

"Christmas day was just magical."

The family was also able to spend New Year's Eve together - and baby Rubie woke up just before midnight for the celebrations.

Mrs Olliver said: "Myself and Rory celebrated the New Year at home. Noah and Amelia didn't make it to see the New Year as they fell asleep but Rubie woke up for a feed just before 12am so we managed to see the New Year in with Rubie.

"2020 has been a rough time not just for us but for everyone and I think we can say on behalf of everyone good riddance to 2020 and fingers crossed 2021 is much better.

"All we ask for in 2021 is good health and happiness for our friends and family."