NEARLY 150 people in Cumbria have been warned by police of imminent threats to their life in the last six years, figures show.

A personal safety warning - previously known as an Osman warning - is a warning of a death threat or risk of murder issued by police or authorities to the prospective victim.

Police in Cumbria issued 29 such notices across the county last, figures obtained under freedom of information laws reveal.

It marked a six-year high for the number of threat to life notices issued.

Some 19 of them were issued in the north of the county, while seven came in the south and three in the west.

In the last six years, police issued the most notices in north Cumbria with 76.

A total of 37 were issued in south Cumbria and 34 in the west of the county.

Police said the notices were issued when officers perceived credible risks on someone's life,

Detective Superintendent Michael Bird said:“We take all threats to life incredibly seriously.

“Threats to life notices are issued when there is intelligence to believe there is a risk to someone’s life, or a threat to someone life will significantly impact their welfare.

“Threats are assessed, and the most appropriate action, including the safeguarding of an individual, is undertaken."

Police officers will often visit the potential victim at home and inform them of the potential danger.

People will be told to change their routines and possibly move from their home.