Readers of The Mail have reacted to Barrow MP Simon Fell claiming that a 'bright future' lies ahead for Britain after a trade agreement with the EU was reached.

Negotiators finally agreed a Brexit deal with the European following months of protracted talks that went down to the wire.

“It’s a remarkable achievement, getting all of this done in less than a year. I am currently reading through a 1,246 page document ahead of next Wednesday’s special sitting of Parliament, but on the face of it, this agreement is remarkable," he said.

“It delivers on what the British people voted for in the referendum, taking back control of our laws, borders, money, trade, fisheries and ends any role for the European Court in our affairs."

Dave Crossley commented: "I wonder if he actually believes/has managed to convince himself of what he comes out with?

"This trade deal is unique in erecting rather than eliminating barriers to trade.

"Goods will be subject to costly new customs and regulatory checks.

"Services – which make up 80% of the British economy – do not even get a look in.

"The economic consequences will be profound: the Office for Budget Responsibility has forecast that in the long term, this kind of deal will reduce Britain’s long-run GDP by 4%, dwarfing the long-run costs of the pandemic."

One reader said: "Not sure what has actually changed in respect of trade with the EU except a bit more paperwork.

"We seem to be kicked out of many other collaborations such as Galileo.

"We have supposedly prevented recruitment of low paid Europeans now with no right to work here then how are the big employers such as NHS going to cope?

"Going to be very interesting how this is going to work without big pay rises."