DELAYED plans for speed reduction work on Walney are set to be completed in the early part of next year, a councillor has said.

The measures aim to break up the long straight of Biggar Bank Road where racers heavily accelerate as the road speed switches between 30mph and 60mph. These plans have been long overdue for the residents and it looks as though the issue of speedsters in the area will soon come to an end.

Completion of the £28,000 project was originally scheduled to be completed before January 2020, but was delayed, then when the coronavirus pandemic hit, the half complete measures were put on the backburner as Cumbria County Council had to re-prioritise in order to cope with the increased financia strain imposed on them.

Frank Cassidy, county councillor for South Walney, who has played a key role in securing these works, said: “Three give-way points, new road markings, and 30mph speed limit signs have been put in place.

"These measures have made a difference, but we need to finish the job.

“Just before Christmas I spoke to Cumbria Highways traffic management team leader Mo Dooz about when the work will be completed.

"Coronavirus and other factors have caused hold-ups, but the work is due to be finished fairly early in the new year.

“Speeding on Biggar Bank Road has been an issue for a long time, and I am grateful to residents for their patience.”

These speed humps are the last of the three phases to be completed.

Residents in that area of South Walney have regularly complained about foot-to-the-floor motorists going down the long stretch of road during the late hours.

Following campaigning by passionate locals such as Frank Cassidy and the Better Biggar Bank Community Group, the project was originally given the green light by the Barrow Local Committee back in July 2019.

This came after the county council installed special devices outside an address on Ocean Road and West Shore Social Club in 2018 to monitor the amount of traffic over the course of a week.