PLANNING permission is being sought after for a 'brew room' on a Walney field.

A request has been made for the approval of a caravan to be situated on land off Red Ley Lane.

The proposal claims that the caravan will be used as a brew room and will provide shelter from the harsh weather, as the field is 'open to the elements'

The caravan in question has recently undergone work with all beds removed from the bedrooms - with the applicant stating that it would not be used for overnight stays.

They said: "We can confirm the caravan will not be lived in, or used for sleeping in.

"The caravan is set to the side of a field and will be used as a brew room and to take shelter from wind and rain as the field is open to the elements of the weather."

In addition to this, the caravan has no mains electric, water supply or sewerage.

The applicant has two more requests in the proposal - for a hay storage facility and a plastic greenhouse.

They state: "As our field is in a windswept area, our hay needs somewhere to keep it dry and away from the wet weather as this could contaminate the feed for the animals."

Neighbours to the land in question have been consulted about the proposal, including those on Ramsgate Crescent and Walney Airfield.

The application is currently being assessed as officers have already visited the site and negotiations have already taken place.

For more information, visit the Barrow Borough Council planning hub and search for application B18/2020/0696.