A WALNEY resident has shared his concern as the scale of erosion on a popular footpath has increased in severity.

The significance of the damage was highlighted at the start of the year, but the situation has been increasing due to the high tides and winds eating away at the cost at Earnse Bay and other sections on Walney.

A barrier has been put in place to avoid cars going down the track and to stop pedestrians going over the lip where the path has been chipped away by the elements.

Colin Taylor, resident at West Shore Park, said: “The path itself has gone down by about half from where it was.

“Heavy tanks used to go down there driving to get onto the airfield which I think would impact them.

“When the March tides come it will come into the park.

“I think there is a health and safety risk with the path.

“When there has been a high tide and a big wind there could be a high damage.

“It is getting dangerous to stand on the path, it is like standing on a cliff edge.”

The Mail: ISSUE: Footpath next to West Shore Park on WalneyISSUE: Footpath next to West Shore Park on Walney

Coastal erosion has been a concern for years amongst residents, and it was something that Lord Walney addressed in his maiden speech in the House of Lords.

He has pledged to press for action against coastal erosion threatening Walney homes and natural resources.

Lord Walney warned in his maiden speech as a peer that the island could be “split in two” without further action.

Several measures have been taken to shield parts of Walney from erosion from the Irish sea over the last ten years, including the reinforcement of rock armour at Thorney Nook.

The Mail: CONCERN: Where the road ends next to West Shore Park on WalneyCONCERN: Where the road ends next to West Shore Park on Walney

Des Barlow, councillor for North Walney, said: "Really this path is not for vehicles anyway and is just used as a footpath.

"We have had problems with this before as people with disabilities have struggled to get down there, but that is due to the rocky nature of it.

"There are currently no plans in place to fix this at the moment.

"If people are concerned about this then it is something we can look into."