FAMILIES said their lives could have 'changed dramatically' after nearly being run over by a 'dangerous' driver.

Parents were walking their children to Ireleth St Peters C Of E Primary School on Tuesday morning when a motorist reportedly failed to stop at a red light whilst the families were crossing the road. The 'near miss' has resulted in calls for increased signage urging drivers to slow down and more police presence during commuter times.

The families, who wished not to be identified, issued a joint statement about the incident.

They said: "All we would like to say is we are hoping the police find the person responsible and deal with him accordingly because our lives could have changed dramatically yesterday morning.

"There is no excuse for dangerous driving."

Police confirmed they were contacted at 8.41pm on Tuesday to a report of a road related offence on Moor Road, Askam. A spokeswoman for Cumbria Police said: "It is reported a vehicle described as a light blue Audi failed to stop at the traffic light.

"Three Pedestrians were at the crossing at the time but were uninjured." Ben Shirley, Dalton North councillor has condemned the incident as 'unacceptable'.

He said: "Speeding anywhere is unacceptable. Outside of a primary school is reprehensible. "Thankfully, nobody was hurt, other than being emotionally shook up. "This is totally unacceptable and I have been in contact with the Police & Crime Commissioner for Cumbria as well as Cumbria Constabulary, calling for a presence in the area, during commuter times. "I have also alerted the County Council highways and traffic department, and I’ll be requesting increased signage and signals to alert motorists to the need to reduce their speed. "I have requested immediate action, to send a message loud and clear that speeding will not be tolerated. "I understand that the alleged offender has had their number plate and vehicle description taken and passed to the police. I hope that the driver gets a knock at the door soon." A spokesman for Cumbria County Council said residents can contact the Highways team or local county councillor to highlight road safety concerns.

He said: "Highways teams routinely monitor traffic flows and accident rates on all priority routes throughout the county. This data is collated and analysed annually and used to inform decision making about a variety of traffic calming and road safety measures – including signage, speed limits, and speed bumps.

"Local people can email, call or write to the Highways team, or their local county councillor to highlight their speed limit and road safety concerns."