'WE won't run out'.

That was the message from a Christmas tree business which has experienced an unprecedented early demand for festive firs.

Stribers Farm Xmas Trees, at Haverthwaite, have been in the business for more than 50 years.

Becky Barker, from Stribers, said: “So far there has been a hell of a lot more people wanting trees much earlier.

“But I guess with the lockdown being in place and shops being shut people have not had much else to do.

“Last weekend it was really busy but we won’t run out of trees like I have seen elsewhere in the country as we grow our own here.

“There are just more people about as well as normally about five million go abroad for Christmas and they can’t do that this year. So that could have increased demand.

“Normally it is next week when things start to pick up. It has just been mental the amount of people who have come for trees in November.

“I guess everyone wants to celebrate Christmas earlier this year because of the pandemic.”

Heather Parry from the British Christmas Tree Growers Association (BCTGA) said several of her 320 members say it is the busiest they have ever been.

She also said that UK farms usually sell about eight million trees each year which is now predicted could reach as many as 10 million.

Concerns that the trees will not last until Christmas have been eased by Ms Barker.

She said trees can last almost three months after Christmas in some cases, given the correct treatment.

“They last weeks, you just have to give them water and try and keep them outside until you need to bring them in," she said. "They are just like flowers really.

“My advice is to keep them away from radiators or open fires as that can dehydrate them.”