THE announcement that all of Cumbria would be placed in Tier 2 sparked a backlash from the public and business owners.

Simon Fell, MP for Barrow and Furness said he is 'very frustrated' with the announcement that Barrow will move into the 'high alert' tier.

He said: "I’m very frustrated that we’ve been put in Tier 2 - people have stuck by the rules locally and worked so hard to drive the number of cases in our community down, and it has worked."

James Kennedy said: "I just don't see the point in doing this anymore. Nothing is working."

Peter Ryan said: "We should tell our MP how useless this all is. The same will happen to him if this continues. If your business is being ruined by this, you have the right to do something. Make sure your MP knows his career is in as much danger, as your job or business unless he votes the LD tripe into history."

Paul Murray said: "Pubs that serve meals are frequented more by families who are less likely to talk politics. Not the same for pubs that don't serve food though."

Sheldon Overt said: "I am yet to see or hear of any evidence that states that pubs are responsible for spreading this alleged disease that has such a low death rate. I have had it. It was unpleasant, but I like many others got over it. The many pubs I have been too all followed the applied rules from social distancing to hand washings, and personally at the moment none of them had any cases so why they must close down?"

Norman Graham said: "They should try living in rural Lancashire. It's in tier three now, and lumped in with the likes of Rochdale, Blackburn, Preston."

Alisha Cuthbert said: "Pubs blamed the schools, cases are falling now due to pubs being closed during lockdown, whilst schools remained open. Most normal people can live without pubs, let's watch cases rise again once they’re open. The government have to decide what is more important, schools or pubs."