A young Barrow girl has received a coveted award.

10-year-old Darcy Fidler, a member of Brownies, was presented with the Girlguiding Gold Award during lockdown.

Although lockdown has been very challenging for many people, Darcy used it to her advantage.

Normally, it takes three years to achieve the Gold Award, but Darcy finished the scheme in just two.

“The current situation actually made it easier to do my badges because I had more time and the chance to put more effort into it,” Darcy said.

The Mail:

The Gold Award requires participants to attain six theme awards alongside a final challenge, which Darcy completed at Brownie meetings and at home.

Barrow Brownies Unit Leader Rebecca Armstrong is proud of Darcy’s accomplishment.

She commented: “This is a real achievement, especially during lockdown.

"Darcy has had to adapt to completing more activities at home, with less support from myself and the other leaders, as we couldn’t really see her progress and guide her on what needed to be done.”

Whilst completing her baking badges, Darcy thoroughly enjoyed making cookies with her grandmother.

In addition to this, Darcy completed her jobs badge, which has since inspired the youngster.

Darcy explained: “It gave me the chance to express myself and dream about becoming a palaeontologist.

“I interviewed three adults about their different jobs and researched what career I would like to have in 20 years.”

Darcy is now calling on other girls to working towards Girlguiding badges.

“It’s fun to be creative and learn new things,” she began.

“I was so excited to get my golden badge during lockdown.

“It gave me something to work towards and focus on during this difficult time.

“I would encourage everyone to take part in the badges because it gives you the chance to really explore lots of fun activities and grow within yourself.”