A THRILLING attraction in the Lakes is set to return next month.

Treetop Trek in Windermere will resume operations on December 19 for those looking to get their next adrenaline fix.

Reaching up to a jaw-dropping height of 15m, adventurers can weave their way through the tree canopy across obstacles, including balance bars, swinging logs and Indiana Bridges.

The team said: "Huge thanks to all who joined us this summer and autumn. It's been an incredibly difficult year for everyone and so we were delighted to see so many adventurers back in the high trees, enjoying the great outdoors!" The adventurous day out can now be booked throughout the Christmas holidays and beyond - but book fast as the high demand means tickets will sell fast.

All bookings will come with a money-back guarantee for any covid related cancellations, as they have remained throughout the pandemic.

The Treetop Trek team will also be upgrading the site, with the creation of a brand new fast check-in service and a covered briefing area.

They have confirmed that there will be a future announcement about a 'special surprise' arriving at the Windermere site.

If you are feeling brave enough to make a booking, visit the website at: www.treetoptrek.co.uk/