READERS are reacting to Barrow BID manager Colin Garnett's plea to the public to follow lockdown rules.

He is urging people to follow the Government guidelines at this time and once shops and businesses are allowed to open he asks that you shop local and visit Barrow town centre.

Joan Crabtree said: "The number of people that i see walk past the sanitizer station without a second thought is unbelievable!!"

Ryan Managh said: "It’s never gonna go away it’s always gonna be here, time to get on with it."

Dawn Mckellar said: "Most other people don't care about vulnerable or elderly people."

Maggie Pease said: "There's no shops on town worth visiting....we go out of barrow for decent shopping!!!"

Andrea Thornton said: "Yes but how many hands has touched that sanitizer station not a chance am touching it !!!"

Colette Staunton said: "Even if it gets to zero, then what? This will go on for years."

Dave Castree said: "Do we have a dalton rd ,all I see is empty buildings."

Merry Tong said: "I think the majority of the people in Barrow-in-furness are doing excellent but there is always the exception. I was in a shop yesterday and a woman in maybe her forties and her daughter and baby not wearing masks. The older woman was coughing all the way round and made me feel anxious. Maybe a medical condition but daughter why ?"

Harry Johnson said: "Such a shame was a belting town and always busy."

Lisa Smith said: "Don't want to be negative but I think most people might have done the Xmas shopping online. So I don't think it will be a massive problem."

Andrea Thornton said: "Not a lot shops left now anyway."

Sam Trewin said: "Andrea Thornton I know what you mean! I’ve seen people walk in Asda, clean their trolley and not there hands so then your point comes in!!"

Matt McCree said: "If only there was something about the sanitising station that cleaned your hands after you used it..."