READERS are reacting to a proposal to turn derelict land in Barrow into homes for the vulnerable as part of a million pound project.

A proposal is set to be put forward to Barrow Borough Council to convert derelict land known as The Lakes House Site on the corner of Dalton Road and Duke Street.

Heading the plans is land owner, Sean Readett, who first purchased the site in 1991 to develop into apartments.

Gorgeous Randy Flamethrower said: "Sorry but this proposal sounds utterly ridiculous. You do not build two bedroom apartments for the homeless, you do not need to spend 1 million pounds doing it and you cannot build it on your own! So, in the unlikely event it did get built who pays for the ongoing running costs, rent, gas etc etc etc. There's a reason why investors didn't come forward, it's not remotely an investment opportunity.

I have never, and I mean never, seen or heard of children sleeping rough in Barrow. Let alone five families."

Darren Gill said: "What's up with the empty houses round the town do them up and use a space like that for a new shop or superstore like say a primary which might actually bring more shoppers to Barrow."

GP Rose said: "Wow there's a shock more homes whatever will they think of next, astonishing !!"

Harry Fisher said: "Which vulnerable?"

Hermes10 said: "There are better was to help the "needy" without throwing £1m down the drain."

Lara999 said: "Homeless people have children, so of course you need 2 bedrooms."

Anne Lowther said: "Good news."