IT was a close shave for a group of sheep stuck in marshland near Ulpha.

Bay Search and Rescue team members worked against the clock on Thursday evening to bring the flock to safety before the tide came in.

The Mail: STUCK: A sheep stuck in the marshSTUCK: A sheep stuck in the marsh

The six animals had become firmly trapped in the sands, which often change in the area, and their farmer had spent hours trying to free them before calling for back up.

“There were six sheep originally,” said Gary Parsons, station officer at Bay Search and Rescue.

“The farmer had been trying to get them out for a few hours until the last two they couldn’t get to because they were stuck in like concrete.

“It’s not nice to see any animal distressed or at risk of losing its life and the tide was due so there was an element of haste.”

Mr Parsons, who was one of nine team members involved in the rescue mission, explained how they were able to free the unfortunate sheep.

“The ground to actually get to the animals was really really soft so you couldn’t walk on it.

“So we had inflatable pathways that we used to get out to the animals and then put those around us so we could work, otherwise you would get stuck yourself.”

The Mail: TEAM: Figuring out how to rescue the animalsTEAM: Figuring out how to rescue the animals

The lucky animals are now safely home and recovering from their escapade.

“We got them back to the farm and gave them a thorough washing down,” said Mr Parsons.

“Because the sand gets in their fur and it doesn’t allow them to get warm.

“They were washed and put in a fresh pen for the night.”