SOUTH Lakes MP has accused the Chancellor of failing to invest in services that could save lives.

Former Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron says the Shadow Chancellor failed to use the Comprehensive Spending Review to invest in cancer services to tackle the treatment backlog created by COVID-19.

Tim said: “There are some positives for the NHS in the Chancellor’s statement, but it does feel like there is a blind spot: in the detailed documents, as far as I can tell, there is only one reference to cancer.

“Bear in mind that clinicians estimate that we will unnecessarily lose 60,000 years to cancer deaths during this time, and that it may take five years for the NHS to catch up with the colossal cancer backlog.

“There is no reference in the Chancellor’s statement to the urgent investment in radiotherapy or other treatment mechanisms that is necessary to catch up with cancer.

“Will he think again? Will he meet me and a cross-party group of MPs, clinicians and patients living with cancer, so that he can think again, act now and save lives?”

The Chancellor responded to criticism by saying that the Secretary of State for Health would be “the best person to discuss the exact allocation of the increased NHS budget”.