READERS are reacting to Barrow Borough Council's warning over cracking down on litter bugs who are leaving out rubbish within the town.

The council has warned that fines will be issued in circumstances where this continues to be an issue.

Vikki Elizabeth Currie said: "They (the council) are taking bins away before residents have brought them in. I don't bring mine in till I get home from work."

GP Rose said: "If the bins weren't so small it wouldn't be an issue."

Darren Gill said: "Perhaps the binmen should do what their job title is and collect the bins however if they care about the place they collect they put all rubbish left out. A bin wagon is automatic lift these days how would binmen cope with a metal bin over the shoulder like years ago."

Patricia Rea said: "I do not think it is the council’s responsibility to tidy up after people who cannot dispose of their own rubbish. Our backstreet is disgusting and they (the council) did a deep clean, then my bin was nicked just after the bins were emptied. People need to take charge of getting rid of their rubbish properly... most people have a car go to the tip... I don’t drive but my bin is never full as I recycle."

Gordon Bennet said: "I doubt that the council will really fine anyone. They make statements, make rules and they set the bye-laws etc. But they never actually follow it up with action. They would not know where to start, as any person who has ever reported this kind of thing via the councils own procedure, will attest. They will continue to do nothing, as per usual....."

Sheila Littleton said: "It would be helpful if the old-type grey bins were reinstated to households. They were roughly the size of the red recycling bins. Even smaller and one person households have times when the grey bin is just not enough for them. I recycle as much as I can, but I do not like the thought of having bin bags exposed to the gulls who will rip the bags up and strew stuff all over the place"

Ian Mcskimmings said: "What a load of rubbish..."

Dawn Mckellar said: "They (the council) had got rid of the large bins to try and encourage recycling. If they brought them back they would probably reduce our collections to fortnightly so then we still wouldn't be any better off."

Vanessa James said: "Yeah and the fly tippers..."