READERS are reacting to Barrow and Furness MP Simon Fell’s hopes that Barrow will be placed into tier one after December 2.

Gail Martin said: “When we were in tier two, it was just Barrow and not Cumbria as a whole, fingers crossed they don’t lump us all together if we’re doing pretty well!”

Stu Wallace said: “If we go down county/regional like they’re threatening and not borough, then South Lakeland and Carlisle will force Cumbria into tier two at least. In a county like Cumbria it should be on boroughs. Carlisle is nearly 90 miles away and has no bearing on Barrow.”

Stephen Snell said: “According to the In Your Area app this morning, Barrow has 97 cases. This in normal circumstances would put us into tier one.

"But my worry is people are gonna do like they did before: have stupid parties; not obey social distancing; and before you know it we are back where we were before. Hate to say it but I say remain in tier two but scrap this 11pm everyone out thing.”

Jonathan Wheeler said: “Not sure what each tier's restrictions will be, but as long as people can get back to work I don’t mind which we get.

"Have friends in the hair/beauty industry that desperately need to get back to earning after all the time they have had to spend closed in the two lockdowns.”

Christine Parmenter said: “Let’s hope people stick to the rules and then can be in tier two.”

Gorgeous Randy Flamethrower said: “You honestly wouldn’t know we were supposed to be in lockdown given the amount of folk out and about.

"I think folk have lost track of what we can and cannot do and, quite frankly, given the way data is being deliberately manipulated, are past caring.

"It’s not long before more and more folk simply put two fingers up and get on with it - sadly not something businesses can do without fear of their livelihoods being destroyed to the point of collapse.”