BARROW MP Simon Fell hopes the area will be placed a lower tier for coronavirus restrictions when the national lockdown comes to an end next week.

Regions are due to hear which of the Government's three tier of restrictions they will be placed under after December 2.

Barrow was previously placed in the Tier 2 'high risk' category following concerns over spiralling infection rates in the borough.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced yesterday that more areas would fall into higher levels of restrictions than they were in previously - at least temporarily. He told the Commons that by abiding to the tougher tier restrictions and the use of rapid turnaround tests, areas should also be able to move down the scale.

Mr Fell said: "I'd very much hope we can go back to Tier 1, but that depends on the local figures at the time.

"The risk is that with the good news we keep hearing about vaccines, people ease up on their efforts and we see the number of cases rising locally."

The MP said there would be local discussions regarding restrictions in Barrow and that he would speak to the Department of Health.

When community leaders in Barrow decided to ask for tougher restrictions in October, Mr Fell said he hoped Tier 2 measures would reduce infection rates and lead the area back into the lowest tier.

According to the latest available statistics there were five new cases of the virus in Barrow.

There were 103 cases in the last seven-day period, an increase of nearly 18 per cent on the previous week.

Cumbria's director of public health said last week that Barrow remained an area of 'concern'.

Colin Cox urged people to stick to the current lockdown rules and described it as a 'critical time' .

The cross-Cumbria numbers indicated the county's infection rate was beginning to stabilise.

All districts remain below the national average of 274 infections per 100,000 people. Mr Cox said: "While we are below the England average, by any normal measure the infection rate is still high and I really urge everyone in the county to stick to the current rules and do all you can to avoid unnecessary social contact, keep your distance, cover your face and keep washing hands."