COASTGUARD crews were called out after a motorist became stuck in sands of the coast of Roosebeck.

The 4x4 driver was stuck in a channel of a water before the vehicle was towed away.

According to Furness Coastguard, the driver contacted another 4x4 owner for help.

A spokesman said on social media: "Furness Coastguard were paged this afternoon at 1407 to reports of a vehicle and their occupant stuck in a channel off the coast of Roosebeck.

"Once on scene it became apparent that the owner was able to exit the vehicle and assisted in contacting some local 4x4 owners.

"The team stood by for safety cover due to the fast incoming tide, and fortunately a local 4x4 owner pulled the vehicle out causing no pollution or damage.

"If in any danger around the coast, dial #999 and ask for the Coastguard."