READERS reacted after The Mail reported that a series of measures to clamp down on inconsiderate parkers in Furness had been revealed.

A total of 31 double yellow lines will be introduced to streets in Barrow, Dalton and Askam as councillors get tough on people putting drivers and pedestrians at risk.

Victoria Upton, traffic management engineer at Cumbria County Council, admitted the list of changes was very long but she said they were necessary.

Changes revealed at the county council's committee for Barrow include introducing a no-loading zone on parts of Cornwallis Street in Barrow and an extension to double yellow lines close to Walney School.

And Mail readers provided their opinions on the news.

John Gunson: "What’s the point of painting double yellow lines if there’s no-one to enforce them? Painted yellow lines in Askam three years ago and it doesn’t make a jot of difference. Councillors are not baring their teeth until they enforce the rules."

Al Phizzer Phizacklea: "I can take at least 12 photos tomorrow of inconsiderate parking, nobody bothers. I’ve even seen a police van stop, look and carry on."

Steven Sleddon: "Want to paint the white lines and other road markings in the town, almost none existent on nearly every street, can’t see give way markings etc."

Richard Young: "No maintenance program it would seem Steven Sleddon. They spend money on projects seemingly believing they will last forever without maintenance."

Irene Baker: "That’s nice, it’s probably why everyone goes to Ulverston to shop."

David Mckee: "And what's it going to accomplish painting more double yellow lines? They park on the ones we have now and nothing gets done, absolutely pointless and just a waste of paint and money."

Anthony Woodburn: "They want to spend money on the roads and fill all the potholes in."