FINES will be issued to residents who continually leave excess rubbish out on Barrow's streets.

Barrow Borough Council is cracking down on litter bugs who are leaving out rubbish within the town.

The council has warned that fines will be issued in circumstances where this continues to be an issue.

Penalties may also be handed out to residents who leave their bin out after the collection has taken place.

Councillor Ann Thomson, Barrow Borough Council leader, said the council is 'keen' to work with residents to ensure no excess rubbish is left out.

She said: "Making sure our borough is a great place to live is something we take a huge amount of pride in.

"Therefore our teams are working to tidy some of the backstreets as part of an ongoing project. "We are also keen to work with residents to make sure people know when to put their bins out and bring them in again - and to make sure no-one leaves excess rubbish out. "Everyone has an important part to play in keeping all areas of our borough clean and tidy - something which brings wide-ranging benefits. I hope this is something people will get behind and support." As part of their ongoing project to tackle excess rubbish in the town, Barrow Borough Council is blitzing the streets to help create cleaner and tidier streets.

The street care team has so far transformed several streets, including: Duncan Street, Clifford Street, Bath Street and Ainslie Street.

A spokesman for Barrow Borough Council said: "Over the past few days the council’s Streetcare Team working in partnership with our waste contractor FCC , have begun 'blitzing' certain areas of the town.

"Firstly, it was the backstreets from Duncan Street all the way down to Clifford.

"This consisted of going door-to- door one day advising residents about leaving their bin out and excess waste.

"The following day any bins left out were removed and any relevant enforcement action taken."

Enforcement action includes a range of measures designed to help residents understand and comply with the requirements of the waste collection and recycling services.

Fines can be issued in certain circumstances where leaving out excess rubbish is a frequent issue.

Barrow Borough Council is reminding residents to put their bin out from 12pm the day before their collection which must then be returned to their property as soon as possible on collection day.

They are also urging the public not to dump excess bags or other items in the backstreet.

Any excess waste can be taken to the tip in Walney Road or a special collection can be arranged.