MAIL readers reacted after Barrow Borough Council reminded the public about the importance of leaving their bins out for collection at an appropriate time.

Stuart Flett: "It cuts both ways. Tell the contractors to return the bins to where they picked them up instead of leaving a bunch of them in the middle of the pavement. On bin day, it looks like a tornado has descended on the street after they’ve left."

Linda Hall said: "And maybe if people didn’t just open their yard gates and throw anything and everything into the back streets just so it’s not in their back yards it would help! Back streets are a disgrace, and that’s not always down to the binmen."

Mark Anderson: "Not always possible, some of us have to leave them out before or after due to working a long way from home... get a life."

Pauline Sears: "It's not just bin men it's people who don't take their bins in from one week to the next. Perhaps they should come round and see and fine them if they're left out."

Belle Jones: "Perhaps they could come to Ferry Road triangle, bins everywhere, black bags thrown out after binmen have left. What happened to the fines they used to threaten with? Never happened."

Barbara Wild: "Ours can be at the opposite end of the back street, just leave it by my back gate, it's not rocket science."

Richard Young: "Should definitely be a 'quality control' officer to check the state of streets before and after collection. They could also write a report about the lack of time (compared to rounds before redundancies) the operatives now have to leave the area in a satisfactory state/condition."

Diane Hardy: "Would hate to be a blind person who has to walk the streets after the bin people have been - obstacle course. And the litter that has come out of the back of the wagons is a disgrace. It would be better if people put all their rubbish in bags, so wouldn’t fall out."

Tony Moon: "The recycling wagon has just been down my back street and left it in a worse state than before they arrived. Can they not pick up overspill from the back of the wagon and put it back in there?"