A MAN has become a prisoner in his own home after discovering he is allergic to electricity.
Bruno Berrick, 48, has coated his bungalow where he lives with his partner and three daughters in special paint designed to block out 5G and radio waves.

They keep electricity usage to an absolute minimum - leaving lights off in the evening, keeping the heating off, and never doing normal every-day activities like watching television.

He's now having to build a special low-tech shelter in the garden where he plans to spend the winter so the rest of the family can have the heating on.

His condition mirrors that of Chuck McGill, a high-flying lawyer in the Breaking Bad spin-off series Better Call Saul.

Speaking for just a few hurried minutes on the phone to avoid excruciating physical discomfort, Bruno Berrick explained he was a 'normal guy' until he began to suffer debilitating fatigue four years ago.

He also started experiencing burning sensations, 'popping' in his head, and underwent a dramatic five-stone weight loss. He lives with his partner of 11 years and three young daughters in the small town of Rothwell in Northamptonshire.

Bruno, a former builder and greyhound trainer, says it took him years to realise he was suffering from a rare and controversial condition called Electrosensitivity - also known as Electromagnetic hypersensitivity, Electrophobia, or Electromagnetic Field Intolerance Syndrome. Reports suggest some four per cent of Brits claim to suffer from sensitivity to electromagnetic fields (EMF) but whether or not it is even a real thing is the topic of hot debate.

Some experts claim it's totally imagined but Bruno and partner Lisa Chambers, 34, say his condition is all too real.

In fact he spent £200,000, travelling around the world the the USA and Germany, trying to find out what was wrong with him after becoming ill.

He lost five stone and went from being a hard worker and boxer who loved life to spending months stuck in bed without the energy to move.

He said: "All these people are saying 'they’re idiots' and all that but I’m a normal lad.

"I was a builder - I’m not one of these to go off on one. "I was just your normal everyday bloke ,you know? I was a greyhound trainer - trained greyhounds for a living, I was working all day, I’ve got three little kids, I’m living proof of what it does to you.
"All these people on the TV and in the papers and saying 'they’re just 5G idiots' and all this but if you put me in front of somebody with a mobile phone or put electricity on you see what happens to me.

"Nobody can say it doesn’t affect you because I’m living proof."