STUDENTS from Walney School had the tough task of choosing the name of school mental health teams recently and are rewarded for their success.

The competition was ran by the mental health teams in school.

The task was to choose a name for the team and schools in Morecambe and Barrow took part and the school are pleased to say that two of their Year 9 form groups won the competition.

The Mail: COMPETITION: Forms 9A and 9N from Walney SchoolCOMPETITION: Forms 9A and 9N from Walney School

9A chose the name 'Mending Mindsets' and 9N chose 'Mind Menders'. Both names were picked as the teams favourites, however they were tweaked slightly to Moving Mindsets. Both forms will receive a certificate and £100 each.

A massive well done was given to the teams by Mrs Amacna, head of Year 9.