ELECTRIC scooters are set to be trialled in Cumbria.

The MP for Copeland has met with the Minister for Transport to discuss the trial launch of e-scooters in Copeland following a successful bid from Copeland Borough Council. Copeland is one of a number of trial areas chosen to assess the safety and impacts of e-scooters on the road, part of the Government’s Future of Transport regulatory review. As part of the trial launch, Trudy Harrison MP met with Minister Rachel McClean to discuss further how e-scooters will best connect towns across Copeland. Ginger, a micro mobility company who provide electric schools in cities across the UK will partner with Copeland Borough Council to deliver the project. Mrs Harrison said: “Due to our area’s spinal mode of public transport which stretches the length of West Cumbria, many communities have a mile or so distance to travel to their nearest train station, which can often motivate the use of private car or prohibits the use of public transport entirely.

“E-scooters offer a potential solution if we can demonstrate the safety and efficacy of the rental system and if they are available and affordable, geofenced in areas where people can easily access them for work or their place of learning. “The aim is to enable residents, businesses, or visitors to replace a short car journey with a scooter trip." The e-scooters will be limited to 15.5 mph (the same as e-bikes) and are permitted for use on public highways and dedicated cycle routes.