Boris Johnson committed to renewing the UK's nuclear deterrent as well as increasing shipbuilding in the UK.

He told the Commons: "We're going to use our extra defence spending to restore Britain's position as the foremost naval power in Europe."

The Prime Minister said: "This will spur a renaissance of British shipbuilding across the UK. In Glasgow and South Belfast, Appledore and Birkenhead.

"Guaranteed jobs and illuminating the benefits of the Union in the white light of the arc-welders' torch.

"If there is one policy which strengthens the UK in every possible sense it is building more ships for the Royal Navy."

He added: "We shall deploy more of our naval assets in the world's most important regions protecting the shipping lanes that supply our nation and we shall press on with renewing our nuclear deterrent."

SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford warned Boris Johnson against the disbanding of the historic Black Watch regiment.

He said: "In the SNP, we support a refocusing on the contemporary threats that we face. We need to readjust our defence capabilities for the modern world. It is especially important that a focus is given to issues such as cyber security.

"But what we do not accept is that the priorities of this Government and the threat of the disbanding of historic regiments such as the Black Watch.

"Disbanding the Black Watch would show that the promises made to Scotland during the Scottish independence campaign have been broken, buried and forgotten by this government."

Mr Johnson responded: "I can certainly give (Mr Blackford) that guarantee."

He accused Mr Blackford of spewing out "confected indignation", adding: "Of course we're going to guarantee the Black Watch".