READERS are reacting to Barrow Borough Council's deputy leader Lee Roberts who spoke after developers submitted a business case for £70m of Government funding to get the Eden North project off the ground.

He claimed Barrow's economy could benefit from the multi-million pound Eden North across the bay in Morecambe.

The estimated cost of delivering the Eden North attraction in Morecambe is around £125m, up from an initial £85m

Here's what our readers had to say.

Aaron Clarke said: "How is this going to benefit Barrow? Very few if any Barrovians will get a job out of it? The money tourists spend will go to the project and local area of Morecambe!? Tourist don't drive the extra distance to Barrow now, why would this make any difference? Barrow needs attractions of its own if it is to see any benefit of tourism. There is so much potential in Barrow and on Walney but nobody in authority seems to have the foresight to do anything about it!?"

Sam Hughes said: "Maybe they could build a bridge across to Barrow! Don't think that's ever been discussed a 100 times or thought of!"

Heather Bruce said: "I think they want to link up round the Bay to flag up the beauty of the coast.... from Eden centre at Morecambe, via the Lido at Grange to the wildlife around the coast and bike paths of Furness."

GP Rose said: "Why would people travel the extra 40 plus miles to stay in Barrow, when hotels in Lancaster and Morecambe are probably the same price to stay in?"

John Watson-Rigg said: "Excellent idea, I am sure it would benefit the area."

Lisa Hudson said: "Piel Island, nature reserve Walney, Seal watching, Sandscale, 20 mile Walney Walk, Furness Abbey, the Zoo, Ulverston market town and all its delights, beautiful beaches - lots to do as an extension to visiting Morecambe."

Lee Roberts said: "The Eden North project looks to promote a sense of wonder and connection with the natural world and in particular the Bay, sustainable energy and education. With our nature reserves, beaches, wind farm and places like Piel Island, our shared ecology and coastline it's not just focusing on one part of the bay but the whole bay and beyond. The educational offer would fit in with our aspirations for the Earnsie Bay project in the Towns Deal. And we would also benefit from the Eden focus on reimagining health and wellbeing with the shared issues we have with Morecambe and we are in the same health trust."