MAIL readers reacted after the Barrow Furness Constituency Labour Party was labelled a ‘disgrace’ by a leading local Conservative.

According to financial transparency reports issued by Barrow Borough Council, the local Labour Party applied and received a £10,000 Business Support Grant, which was implemented by the Government to aid businesses who were struggling during the lockdown.

Barrow Borough Council confirmed that the party was eligible for the grant due to running an office in Hartington Street.

Cllr Andrew Butcher, the chairman of the local Conservative party, said: “It’s a disgrace. This money is for struggling businesses and charities."

And Mail readers responded to the Mail's article by chipping in and providing their opinions on the debate.

Bob Ramsey: "I voted Tory but this is just nonsense. I have sympathy with any business and organisation struggling in these unprecedented times whether that be religious, business or political. I’m disappointed in this councillor's remarks for a number of reasons. He may not agree politically with Labour, but political parties are part of people’s lives as much as sports clubs are to others, and to play these silly digs when Conservative groups have also claimed that money is sad, pathetic, disingenuous and frankly makes a mockery of why the money is needed. I’m disappointed with the whole Tory approach in the town to be honest. My son is very much involved in the Tory party and my nephew is a local Labour activist. These sorts of pathetic rants just make you look silly Cllr Butcher."

Peter Garbacz: "The Labour offices are used by a host of community groups, I don't see an issue. The money will be spent locally rather than it going back to London."

Paul Griffiths said: "Once again the Tories dead-catting away from the real mess they have got us into."