The Lake District National Park are pleased following Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s recent announcement.

Mr Johnson revealed on Saturday that £40m would be invested into England’s green spaces.

This financial package comes as the Government’s plan to combat climate change and restore species.

In addition to this, new national parks and greater protections for England’s iconic landscapes has been promised by Mr Johnson.

This scheme is part of a 10-point plan to combat climate change, Mr Johnson revealed.

The 10-point plan is set to be unveiled, and is thought to commit to the likes of natural environment investment.

Lake District National Park Chief Executive, Richard Leafe said: “We welcome the government’s new funding announcement as part of the 25 year Environment Plan that aims to increase access to nature for communities and further protect the country’s rich wildlife and biodiversity.

We look forward to receiving the full details of the plan and what it means for the Lake District.”

The Mail:

Despite this, Barrow Borough Council Cllr Helen Wall, who represents Walney South, believes the £40m pledge is not enough.

Barrow Borough Council’s Lead Member for Heritage and Wildlife said: “£40m is a ridiculous sum of money.

“One of the responsibilities of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, which had the biggest cuts during the austerity years, was to look after Britain’s Site of Special Scientific Interests (SSSI).”

“In 2020 said the Government said they were giving Natural England £15m to look after SSSI’s, but in 2008 Natural England received £265m to look after them.

“The £40m doesn’t yet cover the loss of the £178.5m.

“I don’t think this will have any effect on the Lake District.

“£40m will be spread too thinly over the whole country and I don’t think the Lake District will receive enough.”