PARENTS have been urged to be aware of what their children are doing after a deliberate fire at a crime hotspot.

A joint investigation between police and firefighters has been launched after the blaze at the top of the multi-storey car park above Portland Walk in Barrow on Sunday.

The fire could have caused a significant amount of damage or endangered life, according to Barrow Fire Station manager Roger Exley.

“We believe it deliberate and was started due to anti-social behaviour," he said.

"The incident is being investigated by ourselves and the police.

“They are looking through CCTV footage. They have some clear footage up there.

“It’s unknown what was used to ignite it but the investigation is ongoing.

“Thankfully no-one got hurt but the potential for harm was huge."

He said the fire was first reported to police, who called firefighters.

“We were able to extinguish it," said Mr Exley.

“Some accelerant was used, possibly lighter fluid, but that is to be confirmed.

“The potential for damage was huge. It was a small fire but it could have caused a bigger fire inside.

“We are urging parents to be aware what their kids are doing during lockdown.

“A lot of skateboarders go up there so if they don’t want their kids caught up in an investigation they need to keep informed of where they are.

“A young person witnessed the fire and videoed it.

“It posed a huge risk to the public and to firefighters.

“We will be approaching local schools to help us identify those involved if we do not manage to get any identifications ourselves.

“Quite a lot of work is being done now along with the police and Barrow Borough Council, which hopefully will stop a more serious incident from happening.

“There is a risk of falling down the scaffolding there and I don’t want that to happen.

“Our job is also to prevent possible future risks to life, not just dealing with immediate threats.”

Anyone with information should contact Barrow Police or dial 101.